Sponsorship can be so much more than a logo.
It’s an investment in your business.
It’s a declaration of support for your industry.

Irish Breeders Classic has the distinction of being the top young horse show-jumping competition in Ireland, with the largest young horse prize-fund in the world.

We also support local, we support Irish, we support the constant development of the Irish horse industry.
We support those who are working in this industry.
We believe in the quality of, and the possibilities for, the Irish horses they breed, develop and care for.
If you believe in this too, then becoming a sponsor is a great option.

All of our sponsorship goes into the prize fund and ensuring that the Irish Breeders Classic gets bigger and better each year.

To speak to our team about what sponsorship would best suit you and to request a copy of our Sponsorship Programme 2023, please contact irishbreedersclassic@gmail.com.



Equestrians are loyal: 86% are more likely to buy products and services from companies who sponsor equestrian events and provide discounts (USEF).



Who can sponsor?

We invite all those companies, businesses and individuals who are part of the Irish show-jumping and horse breeding industry to consider sponsoring the Irish Breeders Classic.

These could be stud farms, breeders, equestrian centres, health and welfare professionals, suppliers, equine products, infrastructure, business services or those who supply goods and services of interest to the people in the equine industry. For more information contact irishbreedersclassic@gmail.com to discuss your interests and to request a copy of our 2023 Sponsorship Programme.



I could see first hand how racing was benefiting from prize money. Such an investment rewards those that come together and do their job the best – be it trainers, riders, owners, vets or farriers… I felt that if we could all pull together to create this prize fund it would help generate demand for horses bred by Irish breeders.

Ronan Rothwell, Founder, Irish Breeders Classic




6 Great Reasons to Sponsor an Event

#1 – Increase your business credibility and brand visibility.
#2 – Building a positive image.
#3 – As a source of content for social media marketing campaigns.
#4 – Lead generation for your specific product or service.
#5 – Boosting your sales by connecting with new and existing customers.
#6 – A great way to get ROI for a marketing investment.