ItemKindly Sponsored By:
001 Lot: Visit to Karlswood with Cian O’Connor €1000.00 valueKindly donated by Cian O’Connor
002 Lot: Rock n Roll Ter Putte stud fee €1000.00Kindly donated by Ballypatrick Stables
003 Lot: Full days training with Barry O’Connor for 2 athletesKindly gifted by Barry O’Connor
004 Lot: HHS Cornet Stud fee €700.00Kindly gifted by Marion Hughes and HHS
005 Lot: Training with Billy Twomey €1000.00Kindly gifted by Billy Twomey
006 Lot: Piece of Jewellery €1500.00Kindly gifted by Harry FitzPatrick and Family
007 Lot: Kedrah House Stud Veterinary voucher for €500.00Kindly gifted by Patrick Meagher MRCVS
008 Lot: Ruth Boland Animal Physiotherapist €300.00Kindly gifted by Ruth Boland
009 Lot: Training with David Simpson €1000.00Kindly gifted by Davis Simpson
010 Lot: Tour of Ballypatrick Stud €500.00Kindly gifted by Greg Broderick
011 Lot: HHS Quality Time Stud Fee €800.00Kindly gifted by Marion Hughes and HHS
012 Lot: Equine Engineering €500.00 voucherKindly gifted by Equine Engineering
013 Lot: Paul Byrne Farriery Voucher €300.00Kindly gifted by Paul Byrne
014 Lot: Butchers Restaurant €250.00Kindly gifted by Mark williams
015 Lot: Training with Anthony Condon €1000.00Kindly donated by Anthony Condon
016 Lot: Portrait session with Sinead Ni Rian €595.00Kindly donated by Sinead Ni Rian
017 Lot Plusvital voucher €500.00Kindly donated by Plusvital
018 Lot: Gain Voucher €500.00Kindly gifted by Gain Equine Nutrition
019 Lot: Gowran Castle Veterinary Voucher €500.00Kindly donated by Tim Brennan
020 Lot: Beech Ride West Clare Equ Ctr. for 8 people €250Kindly donated by O Dea Family West Clare Equestrian Centre
021 Lot: Chestnut Forge Farrier Voucher €500.00Kindly gifted by Larry Winters
022 Lot: Belmont House Stud Fee Value €500.00Kindly donated by Andrea Etter
023 Lot: Equine Dentistry Voucher €250.00Kindly donated by John Doyle
024 Lot: Training for 5 days with Paul Beecher €1000.00Kindly gifted by Paul Beecher
025 Lot Equine Dentistry Voucher for €250.00Kindly donated by Aoife Quigley
026 Lot Equijump Voucher €500.00Kindly sponsored by Equijump Ltd.
027 Lot: Phenomene Bleu VDM Stallion fee €800.00Kindly donated by Hadley Sporthorses
028 Lot: Samshield Shadowmatt Helmet value €350.00Kindly donated by Boomerang Country Store
029 Lot: Training with Geoff Curran value €250.00Kindly gifted by Geoff Curran
030 Lot: Castlefield Kingston Stud Fee €1000.00Kindly gifted by Ger O Neill
031 Lot: Romanov Stud Fee value €1000.00 Kindly donated by Castlefield Sporthorses
032 Lot: Ballyorney Vets Embryo Flush value €1700.00Kindly gifted by Larry Dunne
033 Lot Irish Equine Centre Testing service €500 voucherKindly gifted by Irish Equine Centre
034 Lot: Champion Box Rehab Centre Voucher €250.00Kindly gifted by Marie Vallet
035 Lot: Will Lalor Veterinary Voucher €500.00Kindly gifted by Will Lalor
036 Lot: Training with Denis Flannelly value €500.0Kindly gifted by Denis Flannelly
037 Lot: Edwina Farrell Veterinary Voucher value €250.00Kindly gifted by Edwina Farrell
038 Lot: All Fresh Foods Voucher value €500.00Kindly gifted by Barra Sweetman
039Lot: Training with Michael P Duffy Value €1500Kindly gifted by Michael P Duffy